About the Author


Michael, "The Wolf Of Fitness," is an exclusive personal trainer now turned business builder in the Los Angeles area. Michael has been able to build a vast amount of high end clientele putting him in the spotlight.

Involved in the health and fitness industry since the age of 16, he has contributed to different fitness companies such as GNC, Total Nutrition and Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center.

Michael was also contacted by multiple reality TV shows such as, Workout New York, Workout Miami and Fit Couples for an opportunity to be featured on these shows as the best celebrity trainer of 2016.

* Founder of Pre-Destined Pre-workout

* CFO of Royal Beauty USA


Now, he's developed a unique method from taking the old session-based model, to a guaranteed contract-based model. What does that mean? It means you won't have to chase clients after the first few workout sessions. Through Michael's journey from training clients in Miami to LA, to now worldwide. He's created TOP methods for not only getting you high level clients, but keeping them long term and getting paid up front!

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About Train The Trainer E-Book

Why do some trainers succeed, and others fail? Michael Alvarez has lived the successes and failures of the personal training industry. He’s used them to build his global business of high-end clientele who sought out his expertise for specialized results.

Now, you can quickly and efficiently put his same methods into place with his easy-to-follow guide, Train the Trainer. This book is written for women and men in the personal training industry who are ready to get to the next level of success, but aren’t sure where to start. His approach is straightforward and for the real world—so you can master your approach and find your edge.

More than just a book, Train the Trainer is an interactive experience. Sometimes, you’ll even be asked to stop reading and journal thoughts or answers to questions. It’s all so you can take a true assessment of where you are to get where you want to be.

If you want to command high dollars as a personal trainer for elite clientele, don’t wait another moment. Train the Trainer is the guide for you.